The Chinese New Year And The New Moon Join Powers This February 4th: Get Ready For Some Strong Energies

The Chinese New Year And The New Moon Join Powers This February 4th: Get Ready For Some Strong Energies

The Chinese New Year And The New Moon Join Powers This February 4th: Get Ready For Some Strong Energies

On 4th of February, there is a New Moon happening in Aquarius. But there’s double luck coming us as, according to the Chinese New Year, it is also the Year of the Pig. The New Moon is the time for planting a seed into the world and giving something back to it.

It’s an optimistic period and it brings us the power of generosity and kindness. In this day and age, it is very important that we remain kind and let our kindness inspire other people.

There have been many changes that have taken place within us during the past months but now, it is time for some change. We are greeted with a new kind of light, which is, the light of pure love.

Brighten the world

Negative energies are always present in our lives. It affects us, but it will only increase if we let it conquer us wholly. It is always better if we align ourselves with the divine light.

This light will develop all kinds of optimism within us and let us view the world is a whole new way – kind, new, and merciful. Let this New Moon show you how this light brightens up the world. You are part of this light, so light up with it.

A new beginning

The New Moon is all about new beginnings. Plant hope and you will get it back. But, most of all, the tree of Hope that you planted will be shared by everyone around you and the world all over. Think about the New Moon as a blank canvas upon which you can plant anything. What you plant depends on you.

As the New Moon progresses to the full moon, this seed will grow in all its glory. It might be a slow process but this is not the time to hustle. Take it slow – compose your wishes a month ahead. Once you plant it, you will see how well it shall grow.

If you already have negative feelings, let it go. It’s not easy to like or admire people who are negative, so how can you love yourself? This New Moon will challenge you and change your feelings towards you and the world around.

Growing from within

Soul growth is important for all of us and this new moon brings us ample opportunities to achieve this soul growth. But you have to grasp the moment as soon as it comes.

Don’t wait – don’t let it slip by. This is a moment for the hour – so, once you feel the energy coming your way, be one with it. If you don’t, then you will only end up with regret.

The Fortunate Year Of the Pig

The best part about this year is that it is also the Chinese Year of the Pig. The Pig is known for bringing good luck and fortune. If you want to make money, then this is a great year to do so. If you were someone who struggled in the previous year, then, this is the time for generating income in your personal or professional life.

The pig is prosperous and you can grow with it. But remember, while the Pig provides opportunities, it is not going to last for long. If you want to succeed, you have to grasp the opportunities as and when they come by and success will follow you. But if you are lazy, then the Pig will make you lazier and it will slip away. The choice remains with you.

A Small Ritual

The energy that the Pig Year and the New Moon brings is powerful. Write an Abundance check if you can, to create abundance. Don’t bother about putting a date or a monetary sum on it.

Just keep it in a proper place where it will be safe and then, forget all about it. The Universe will do the needful. Do it within 24 hours after each New Moon.

This year, the light will shine on you. Accept it and don’t be blinded by it. Let the energy be infused with you and may you use it well. I will definitely pray for you. Best of luck!

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Thanks, Nieve, you have a happy one also!

So true, they are very noble creatures...

They intuit that we are all one and also that we make our own life!

The outside World is just a whole bunch of mirrors and Illusion, only when we look within, do we find any reality!

You are welcome, Rosey!

Glad you like it!

Great. Thank you.

Great. Thank you.

You are welcome, Margarida...


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