I know this to be the case. To me, god symbolizes an alternative archive of knowledge where all answers of the esoteric are stored as a potential. One must only look at the state of fractal reality to reference this in numerous ways.

One that stands out to me, is in the formation of spirituality as a faith. Belief is psychological, and the living memory of actions done in the name of a soul, holds their identity close, cherished, loved and protected. Whether you pray, sing, worship or meditate, you access the realm of inner knowledge through the spirit of conviction.

Such an action, leads me to believe that god is a pan dimensional being. Without the presence of whom, we would not have been able to develop interdependent consciousness able to think for itself.

Many criticize the role god plays in our lives. Some believe we are subservient to this kind of an entity, as it is all knowing and all powerfully important. I do not agree with this mind set.

Even as an extraterrestrial soul living in this 3d world, I have long since come to the conclusion that a higher power exists. Otherwise, how could we not have come into self awakening? Furthermore, why do we exist as our own identity? Is this not the embodiment of a god given right blessed upon us by some entity who chooses not to be alone but walk with us in harmony?

Who is god? Is the answer the same, regardless of whether you ask this in terms of a spirit or a concept? I do believe that these two ideals are separate from one another in an ancient form of awakening known as the great paradox. Where objects cannot exist without their creator. IF this paradox were ever to be unrestricted, we would be forever known as the souls of the damned. And this includes energy, of which the soul and all of its elemental aspects which create them are born from.

This would therefore lead me to believe that energy itself, does in fact, have its own life span. One that has been blessed with protection because of the laws of reality the great paradox has formed into being due to the sacrifice of god itself in its creation. Each time energy regenerates, we in turn are created alongside its purpose. To know and experience life as we are, for all we will become under self acknowledgement and soulful guidance.

I do believe that some aspect or part of god did pay a price, so that we can be given a fulfilling life in which ever form we embody. Do keep in mind, that this doesn't mean we have a god like consciousness that demands we conform to its agenda. These concepts are completely separate from one another, as one is governed by obedience, the other, acceptance.

We make ourselves in the image of our potential as a whole. This is why we have been given life to focus our soul through the embodiment of self creation. I do believe, this is a type of blessing that will show itself to be invaluable over time. And when all elements of sacred life work together in harmony, we benefit because we are the recipient of cosmic energy. To which no other force can, shall or will compare.

If god is a simple reflection looking back on itself through our achievements, we would have evidence to suggest this is in fact the case. The history of Earth alone would have given us mystical examples of the paranormal manifesting into physical consciousness through our astral cords to such a being. They would be energetically linked, and never split as would all other elements in our cosmic instance. This sacred lock however, does not exist. Because such a being has never been called into service or duty at all. I know of many who try to call beyond the great paradox to such an existence, yet it has been absorbed already by the replacement of another. Rather, the eternity lock would and does exist outside our construct of cycled reality. Far beyond our local planet, galaxy and universe.

Lost to time, but not to soul memory. I admire the presence of our cosmic creator for its ability to become apart of us by thought alone. Yet, by knowledge of creation, embody the mass of consciousness creation possesses in turn. And I give name, and rise to this form to be hereby known as Elomnira. Guardian of the grand paradox, and lord of the many cycles of creation we have been blessed with to embody.

To be one with us, and to be apart of someone. While being apart of us, through the eyes of another. This is the journey of life we have known for many incarnations. Each one, as different to the next, as our perceptions of the world or environment around us change. We are reflections of existence, because we make up the embodiment of its mass. By doing so, we allow our focus to explore the potential of the bonded ties we possess for a time to align with the reality of all knowledge as seen through each cosmic instance.

My appreciation for a supreme being, does not end where its purpose falls short of reaching us. I focus more on the fact that imperial rule of any kind, has a limit to what is known as its domain. The more god is restricted to the embodiment of itself, the greater our life can expand without celestial, ethereal and astral interference across the esoteric bonds we form over our many incarnations of existence.

This planet alone forms a veil of strong amnesia around all of the souls who come here, as its primary objective is to teach young souls how to survive through the guidance of natural harmony. It is a harsh life lesson to learn, for anyone who cannot find their own inner strength to only walk away from Gaia with the mind set of moving on from what they desire to possess. Yet time and time again, I see history repeating itself in the lives of your typical Terran. Different people going through their own life journeys to end up back at the same place with their unique interpretation of what direction to travel in after their life has concluded.

If god were an interfering presence in our lives, this after death process would be a simple choice. To incarnate elsewhere, or move on to another form of being. The act itself is very straight forward. Once your body releases you, it is your will that guides you on where you will appear. I have not seen any evidence to suggest that celestial or ethereal creatures await your soul when you leave the material plane. Though I do know of some who try to find those who do pass on, who attempt to replace the role of death with an agenda of their own known as astral sects.

Through presence or identity, the role of cosmic guardians changes very little. Leaving the souls inside of such locations to be experts in their field. Which is the direction that cosmic energy naturally intended to shape into evolution. I have seen very little evidence as a universal soul traveler to point to the fact that we are being interfered with on a cosmic level. Entity possession however, is a totally different story. And it is the uncontrolled abandonment of thought forms which have damaged more psyches both embodied into materialism and of their ethereal counterparts, or lack there of, which has me concerned.

If you grow in consciousness, you fall back on descension. If your goal is to ascend, you lose conscious perspective. This is because the role of traveling in any direction, be it backwards or forwards, is not independently governed but has a final end point. This is what you'd want, in a properly behaving society. Yet, not something you'd plan for, if you found yourself in the midst of endless battles for survival and preservation to the embodiment of objects you attach yourself to. Including knowledge, experience and life perception. These 3 things alone change constantly, as our environment adapts to situational awareness. Which is not something ascension or its counterpart can plan to address, unless it is locked into place.

The only holder of such a lock I know of, is the presence of god. Not the knowledge of such a being, but the actual embodied soul. There are billions on this planet alone who strive to find and invite such a presence into their lives, not realizing, that who they are inviting, is an entity, not a center of knowledge. You cannot have one without the other. There is no such thing as god's purpose, because the great paradox cannot allow one cycle of existence to be favored as a cosmic instance over another.

IF you are familiar with the following saying. Who came first, the chicken or the egg? You will realize, that one cannot exist without forming into the other. The egg had to be self aware, to evolve into the chicken. Which became self cognizant to devolve after death into the same egg.

When ever a new creature is formed by natural evolution on a planet, after ensuring its survival, the first member of such a new species must split their soul to embody the requirements for that creature to be self sustaining. Did you know that splitting your soul is a simple process of reincarnation? Every time you embody a new form, vessel, body or vehicle, the focus you give to it, is known as a temporary container.

The container is left behind, when you escape it to move on. But its purpose is to reform itself around a future mass or purpose, even without a soul embodying it. Which in a natural ecosystem, means that the waste of energy is recycled into the continuation of itself. A very prophetic symbol of how we have developed a relationship with our cosmic grand parent. Even though to speak of it now, is as much of a self reflective journey as it is a super conscious one.

With that being said, I am continuing on my journey to understand life and our place in its very amusing depths of knowledge, awakening and focus. For all 3 often at times travel in different directions to reform a picture of divine conception.

I am someone who has spent a very long time in deep internal meditation with the presence of possibility as my constant companion. With many tools of mental awakening at hand, I have found that the only way for us to truly thrive, is to know who we really are.

So long as our identity is the same, not manipulated or unstable, where the calling for a powerful presence is needed most, we will be able to apply ourselves in the most brilliant of ways ever imagined. All the while, being watched over by the presence of god at the center of knowledge. I call this, the freeing of Pandora's box. Of whom defines the soul of our collective foresight. And in turn, your liberation.

As my attention has been captured by what feels like a never ending spiritual mission to uncover the great mysteries of our time. I have little interest in the extreme details of the lands the immediate ethereal entities embody. I know little of their history or purpose, as this can and does often change from world to world. I feel just as much an alien of this world, as I did when I was incarnated in Sirius. Although, I did feel as though I achieved more in my past lives than I have been able to in this one.

Neither death nor objects of imprisonment can restrain the power of thought. When your soul is liberated from this world, know the next adventure you embark on is yours alone to carry yourself through towards. As the veil of death is nothing more than a massive voided portal. It is this same portal that I traveled directly here from Sirius. And I will do so again once I depart.

Until then, enjoy your life to the fullest extent possible. Know that nothing can escape the power of your dreams. Which are the things you believe you are more than just apart of, but belong into in every waking moment you are alive.

Blessed be.

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