Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Destiny, Future Past, and Meta-Genesis

Hello All,

Today is a bonus entry for the month of February due to the fact I missed my original entry for January last month. So this is a twofer for this month with 2 longhand and 1 short social media statement of the series. 

As a refresher to distinguish what I mean by shorts by the way of statements. It is similar as to how I first began my Inspirational automatic writing in Volume 1 of the Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within book series. All of which were predominantly very short one-liners up to two full paragraphs of a statement topic length. 

I have continued the practice of Inspired psychic automatic writing by being a clairaudient for now over 28 years time. (meaning a clairvoyant listener telepathically to the heavenly angels akin to a hive mindset.) As the years progressed in this spiritual calling from within my divine being I became stronger in the discipline of writing intuitively. The length of the topic statements has grown naturally to what you see today which is anywhere from 8 to 14 paragraphs on average of length of content. 

So today's 1st statement will be a short one on Destiny with two additional longhand topics on Future Past and Meta-Genesis. The topic of Future Past is sourced from one of my Master Angel Guides I nicknamed Paragon from the Angelic Choir of Virtues. Basically, he infers that aside from the past directly influences the future in a linear capacity in terms of temporal (aka dimensional time) mechanics. That the Future as a collective point also balances out indirectly and influences the past on a macro basis. 

The next topic of Meta-Genesis is a mystical angle of metaphysics I have covered prior here at Atrayo's Oracle blog site. Each time revealing a bit more statement by statement on the topic as a smattering over the layers of discourse. To distill the topic down to a main idea the numerous Heaven's of countless mythologies as Dead religions to our contemporary era. Is a major oversight those heavenly planar realms meta-dimensionally coexist with whatever major religion(s) is popular on Earth at any given time. 

So without further adieu may you find these unique topics intriguing even if it doesn't sit well with you whichever disagreement stirs you. In the end, this is meant to expand your boundaries of the Infinite spiritual metaphysical horizons set forth by God's Great Mystery. Amen. 


3293) What is accidental by humanity in question is often ordained as Destiny by God himself. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Future Past:

3239) The future isn't metaphysically all that is cracked up to be by the naked human eyes. There are temporal reversible circular dynamics at play impacting the very future each of you espouses as lifetimes go. For instance, an unknown future is often gauged by that person's past incremental actions as many maxims over the ages have surely spoken for in truth. 

However, from our Heavenly angelic stance the Big Meta-Picture we can perceive the totality of a human individual lifetime as if measuring a yardstick temporally speaking in a timeless instant. Like seizing a whole measuring rod as if it were a living lightning bolt and inspecting each pivotal minutiae as necessary. 

This means we can entreat or entertain numerous inferred several futures simultaneously by probabilities of what past actions are acted upon and which ones are neglected for instance. The pathfinding of a lifetime is crucial at certain bottlenecks of the clashing of constants and contrasts in greater upheavals of select periods than many others. What is the most likely outcome isn't always plain for all to see there are wildcards as freak tears along the seams. 

The Sins of the Future yet not committed by a person(s) are monumental often stoked by their past actions no matter what is presently occurring as a form of standby modality. This is where Fate becomes a constant mutable force that can arch the circumstances in either direction along the route to resolutions occurring. However, with Destinies, these are fixed constant forces in contrast with the mutable curved Fates as alternating elements that can be twisted into shape. 

The consequences over the years you as individuals encounter are manifold as cross-currents whether realized or not. There are cascading elements that clearly run across each of you that you aren't even in the slightest aware of in fact. This is not to state the current events in your locality but the state of cosmic fluctuations around the Earth and the looming horizons metaphysically. Everything happens in greater circular waves from whichever dynamic is in play currently as unconscious and intelligent forces occur.

Thus the phrase of what comes around goes around not unlike the trajectory of the universal Infinity numeral eight serves its purpose here. Often it is assumed the momentum traveling through a figure eight is only one direction of its looping corridor. That isn't the case it is usually Bi-Directional akin to a transfusion of forces as collisions happening beyond what humanity has yet to Imagine much less measure scientifically. 

Only Future scientists as astrophysicists no doubt will be the fools to accidentally discover such Bi-Directional Pulses in terms of temporal mechanics for lack of a better example. Looking for one thing elsewhere they stumble across this phenomena altogether and put it aside not dealing with what they discovered until years later. Thus such implicit bias from the scientific team is considered foolish from our angelic vantage point.

What will be unraveled when the sequence dynamics of temporal disturbances can be measured not just in one mono-directional movement. Instead in at least a Bi-Directional flow pattern matrixes not unlike a polar stationary effect. What is all but truncated right now will have future galvanized excitement when what is deemed true finally is understood for what it means. 

What is future is also roughly past in concurrent equal flow patterns imaging two end points of great macro scale. Utilizing the prior simplistic yardstick analog at one end is macro past and the other is macro future. People erroneously believe it is linear, nay it flows towards the middle ground as the present moment of the Eternal Now. Gravity isn't always a predictable motion to rely upon here it can trick the observer from whichever angle they infer from originally as a vantage point. 

What is present tense is a vortex of the past and future co-mingling constantly. The past flows past the present tense and the future flows forward and backward simultaneously in a bi-directional constant stream of time dimensionally speaking. Albeit in a truer sense of the dynamic both the past, present, and future flow forwards and backward and into parallel jetties as well. 

We are using layman's terms of thermal fusion and other words that are foreign scientifically to our intuitive channel "Ivan the Atrayo". We are dumbing it down for him and you the reader to attempt to understand these minute particular forces of dark matter. What is theoretical won't last for long in about a dozen years or so perhaps more like fifteen years the accidental discovery will be made related to this topic. 

What is the Future doesn't just stay trapped in fore long further distant future progressions. It also reverses like a river that flows in two or more opposing directions dimensionally speaking. Utilizing the vantage point of gravity will only confuse the matter altogether for that isn't reliable. Gravity has sink holes for lack of a better term to our Intuitive channeler. In the distant future inventions of certain gamma radon ray bursts will be used like dyes used in medical nuclear medicine for cancer patients are today. 

In order to gauge the influx pattern matrixes of what is flowing from the future and the past in reverse orders of circumference. Delicate housing of such instrumentality will have to be placed offsite in remote undersea locations so as to not irradiate personnel by mistake. Atomic power nuclear utilities are too dangerous to run such experimentation of such temporal mechanics. 

Until that Time (pardon the pun) the theorems will only continue as mathematical principles are laid bare. Some of us in the Heavenly Host hold humanity with utter contempt without ego. Beyond homo-sapiens with countless other hominids, we have cleaned up after your terrestrial and cosmic messes. Albeit we absolutely Trust in God that his semi-sentient life forms have merit although that is a long game based for the spiritually immortal. 

Aside from the thereom of parallel realities, there are several other Earths that have destroyed themselves over so many times it is despicable to mention from our celestial vantage point. Yours hangs in the balance and the longer all of you eat manure figuratively speaking so shall you all reap Hell on Earth instead collectively. Be not another failed parallel reality of the Earth in the spectrum of the Infinite Great Mystery. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo. (Channeled from Master Angel Guide Paragon of the Angelic Choir of Virtues.)


3238) All there are are the many inferences of the ultimate Divine Expressions of Being like God the Supreme Monotheist Diety. Such lesser beings whether deemed alive as consciousness are best understood as spiritually present as ghostly spirits and/or as soul kind matters little. What is often secondary can be easily overlooked as to the aspect of the totality of the supernatural reality itself. 

When working with the ethereal metaphysical reality it is best to wrestle with it at its ultimate conclusion by any faith in question. What is Constant as Immutable as Forever is God(dess) the Supreme Gender Identified as Simultaneously Malesculine and Fenmine in Perfect Harmony. Everything else is so-called downwind as fragmentation thus creating Infinity of a slew of endless spiritual life forms as entities or ghosts for instance. 

Here on Earth as the countless remembered historical and long-forgotten civilizations that lay buried. Each is a mini-Super Power of their Day and Age as the Ultimate Influencers geopolitically. Many had State-sanctioned Pagan religions some for centuries and others more powerful for a couple of eons at least.

When speaking about Religious Power we are declaring it as the Worshipping Power of God however it was defined in antiquity. Be it as a Pantheon of our brethren's angelic spirits or souls as the lesser deities. Or some other add mixture of God itself as Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva that stand apart for the Hindus and a throng of lesser deities too numerous to count angelically for example to date. 

What clings today as literary mythologies as recalled dead religious theology be it Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Meso-American Toltecs, Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans to name a few. The diverse array of such long since passed by centuries and eons of human-led theocratic civilizations. Isn't as dead and buried archaeologically as you may collectively wish. 

The religious worshipping power of your global ancestors had merit by their collective barbaric intentions spiritually speaking. The energy of the Soul of God flowed beautifully in how and whom they worshipped as the lesser angelic gods and goddesses may have been. If not the animistic elemental forces of the earth itself highlighting the Neanderthals giving rise to the very first fairies so to speak ancestrally.

What lays in ruins physically on Earth materially as terra-firma is spiritually albeit metaphysically very much alive each in their own flawed and enlightened versions of Heaven, Limbo, and Hells collectively. Thus the term Meta-Genesis was coined in this context by our Intuitive channeler "Ivan the Atrayo".

The places of worship in Europe, Asia Minor now the Middle East, and the Americas that were deemed by Christianity as the Pagans. Whereby they dismantled such ancient places of worship as repurposed Cathedrals and other Churches. Didn't entirely eject their lesser deity forebears altogether as suspected. The religious or worshipping power of your ancestors isn't so easily erased as it has seeped into the very building blocks and plazas of old by said Christians, if not to a lesser extent the Muslims with Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Abrahamic faiths are but the latest esteemed beloved window dressing for this series of recent eons as epochs go of religious fervor on Earth to date in the Western Hemisphere. Alongside the elder status of Judaism, there lies Hinduism, and to a lesser extent the last remnants of Zoroastrianism. Not to forget the numerous cousins such as the philosophical Buddhists, Jains, Sikhism, Shintoism, Taoism, and Confucianism to name the cornerstones of Asian benediction of faiths and philosophies. 

All these heavens, limbo twilight zones, and hells collectively co-exist in the afterlife. Many are Enlightened many more aren't as the struggling youths attempting to find introspection over a longer immortal forever period of the metaphysical. There is a lattice of the Meta-Genesis at work all can be loosely deemed as the Totality of God itself however He/She/Itself is defined by the living and the ancestral dead. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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