There are many definitions about demons, and as far as the Kabbalists is concerned, there is a reversed World, or lower World, where they live, however, their entire purpose is to obtain light from us, because they lack life and light of their own.

But I am not here to tell about a subject that you can find elsewhere, but about my own experiences.

As a child I was like a little Imp, or perhaps little demon, however, I used to identify with the fairies, and play tricks on others, but this was not my bad side at all, there was a worse one to it.

When adults did not want to comply with my wishes, I would throw myself on the floor and cry and make all kind of noises to disturb them, or promise to brake things and do it, if they did not comply.

They called these attacks I had, "tantrums".

One day, being a very small child, a friend of ours, a theosophist, like my father, was visiting  home when I had one of those, when he saw me doing that, he lifted me in mid air and threw me in a jar of water, where we used to collect rain water, and as i was falling and hit the water, the demons got out of my body and I could see them flying away!

Oh, I failed to say that I had a different kkind of a vision, since I used to see the fairies and play with them, all the time.

But what I saw coming out of my body were as far from the fairies as they could get, and they had been hidden from me up yo that point!

That was the first time I had seen them, and I guarded myself from them, from that moment on!

Before I would cry or make any noises, I would look around and inside of me to make sure that I was not possessed by them.

And then, I would not do it, at all!

Later on as a young girl, I began leaving my body and visiting places in this World and many other dimensions, but before this happened, I began seeing all kind of things and people of the other dimensions, and among them I used to see these distorted creatures, with faces that looke as if they were old, but it was not of old age, but of distortions on them.

However when I finally began leaving the body, I always went to beautiful places, and very colorful and beautiful inhabitants!

Nevertheless, I had one more en counter with these demoniacal beings, I was sent to Mexico City to create a work on yourself type of program, and a young man came to the place and moved in with a group of us that had come from the United States, his mother, believing that we were going to steal him, began sending demons to attack me,  since I was the person in charge. These demons would come and beat my ethereal body up, and the next day I would be physically ill, but whenever they came, as horrible as they were, I could always see the sender behind them.

Therefore, I always knew who was sending them, but I did not know how to fight them.

I would try to defend my ethereal body and push them aside, but never succeeded, until instead of fighting them, I would call on the light to come in, and rays of light would pour in and they flew like vampires of the night.

From then on, I would not go to bed without calling in the Light to protect me and went to sleep visualizing the Light.

They could never more approach me, and I guess, since they failed in their attempts, the lady might have given up on trying to attack me any longer, I really do not know what happened with that and did not care, either, as long as they would not come around any more, which they never did!

Now, these are my own personal experiences with these creatures of the Nether World.

Of course there are books on the subject of demonology, but this writing is not about that.

These were my personal encounters of the fourth kind, just to give them a name.

Some may call them nightmares, but I did not, because I was not dreaming, I was in a different kind of state, totally consciously aware, but paralyzed and incapable of making any movements.

I have heard people relating something similar and calling the beings Extra Terrestrials, in a sense they must be, but they are not completely, because they do not come from another planet, but from another plane of existence, one that is less material than this one, but very dark, nevertheless. It is what some call the Lower Astral, or even the Nether World, but they are more ethereal and yet pretty powerful in their own realm, and can affect this material World.

Through the ages, people have depicte monsters in so many different ways,  and here are some samples of it:

But I used to see them more like this:

<b>Old</b> <b>People</b> Rosenquist on Pinterest | <b>Old</b> <b>Faces</b>, Wisdom and Aging ...

<b>OLD</b> MAN <b>FACE</b> - SMNnews Forums

Not exactly, but more like what I see!

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Thanks vERy mUCh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are all welcome!

Yes, true stories, for sure!

I think people need to take responsibility for their inner demons, which have a way of becoming outer ones. They're a part of us, and we have an obligation to get them under control.

In depth psychology, we find a way to express them such as in art or writing; maybe talk to them and see what they want.  Darkness expressed brings energy to the soul, self understanding and transformation.  Denial or repression will bite you in the ars!

Rose, I agree with you, and that is what I have done, yes, they are part of us, for sure, but we need to become responsible and keep them under our own control. And above all not allow them to attack others, or ourselves to do so under the guise that we are driven by them!

Responsibility for our own actions is a must in all and any circumstance, demons or not!

And yes, Richard, there are many ways to channel our demons, but also, there are ways to keep them our subjects instead of allowing them to become our masters. They may be there, but we can negotiate with them, or else, at least not allow them to take over our lives and affect that of others with our behavior because of their presence.

Yes, also, it is a blessing to see them for what they are, and not be in ignorance of them, because as we do, so it is done unto us, whether we like it or not, since it is a Divine Law, anyway.

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!& sometimes when acknowledged, they transform and become helpful???

     Aha!!!  I wonder if they are protecting you???  Your fear is great, so their fierceness is HUGE???  Perhaps your FEAR is the issue???  I was once feeling quite fearful for no apparent reason and at my favorite spiritual store, was drawn to a gargoyle (I think; little archetypal demon looking guy).  Brought it home and put it on a prominent shelf and immediately felt safe!!!! 

     Perhaps you could do some inner dialog about this and maybe find a warrior image you are more comfortable with???? 

I think it's very brave to reveal something so personal Carmen but how we learn is by others sharing their stories and for this I thank you.

Thank you, SunKat!

I appreciate what you said, a lot. It is true, but we need to open up and recognize where we stand and that we are all human and going through a learning process.


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